About Me

To my family and anyone reading this:



My name is Stephanie Nazi. I’m 20 years old and I’m a christian. I was born with kidney disease and by God’s grace and mercy I healed. Even though I healed I still had to be cautious about my health so my parents implemented a healthy lifestyle into my life.  My passion for baking and eating healthy started from a young age and as I became older I noticed that most of my family and friends didn’t like fruits and vegetables as much as I did. I eventually got influenced by my friends and became very lazy as well as unmotivated.

By the age of 18 years old I started lifting weights and spending lot of time in the gym as well as having swimming training on most days however my diet was very poor and I had the mentality that as long as I worked out I could eat all the junk food I wanted. It got to the point where I disliked the person I was becoming and the lifestyle I lived. It was time for some change and something new to happen in my life.

I started this blog to help me through my journey of  fully transitioning to becoming a vegan. I chose to do this for my physical and mental wellbeing. I believe the saying “you are what you eat” so by eating a lot of unhealthy foods it will cause your mental and physical wellbeing to suffer. I aspire to help my family get into a health lifestyle because I would like for the my family and parents especially not worry about their health as they get older. I hope it inspires you and everyone around you to make better and healthier choices in life, try something new and something different. Eating a brownie or a cake once in a while isn’t bad. Enjoy every minute of your life because you are blessed and you deserve to live a good life.

With lots of hugs & love,